Give to Jack & Jill – at no extra cost to you!!!

Fill in and return a Tax Relief Form (CHY3 Cert) and you can help Jack & Jill reclaim extra funds from the Revenue Commissioners.

Download the CHY3 Form:




Who can claim tax relief and how does it work?

If you are a PAYE tax payer, and have donated €250 or more to Jack & Jill during the tax year, Jack & Jill can reclaim the tax paid on your donation. This only applies to personal donations you have made and not on money you have raised through sponsorship.

How much more will my donation be worth?

Standard Rate Tax Payers

Jack & Jill can reclaim an extra 20% of the value of your donation if you are a standard rate tax-payer of 20%. For example if you have donated €250 during the year, this is worth an extra €62.50 to Jack & Jill.

€250 x 100/80 = €312.50
€312.50 – €250 = €62.50

Higher Rate Tax Payers

Jack & Jill can reclaim an extra 42% of the value of your donation if you are a higher rate tax-payer of 42%. So if you’re have donated €250 during the year, this would be worth an extra €181.03 to Jack & Jill.

€250 x 100/58 = €431.03
€431.03 – €250 = €181.03

Will this information remain Confidential?

Yes. Your details are confidential to Jack & Jill and the Revenue Commissioners. The information will not be used for anything other than the tax claim.

I want to help. What do I do next?

When you donate €250 or more to Jack & Jill, you will receive a CHY3 Form with your thank you letter. Simply complete the form and return it to us at:

The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation
Johnstown Manor, Johnstown
Naas, Co. Kildare

Self Assessed/Corporate Donations

If you are self-assessed or a corporation, you can reclaim the tax paid on your donation. Ask us for a copy of your donation history and attach it to your Annual Tax Return Form/Corporation Tax Form.

If you wish, you can then donate some of the reclaimed money to Jack & Jill.


Tax Relief In Respect Of Health Expenses For Parents Of Children With Permanent Disabilities

You can claim tax relief under the heading of Health Expenses in respect of certain expenses incurred by children with permanent disabilities:


Where the child is treated at home, a flat rate of €300 to include telephone rental and calls may be claimed where the expenses are incurred for purposes directly connected with the treatment of the child.

Overnight accommodation

Payments made by the parent/guardian to a hospital, hotel or B&B in respect of overnight accommodation in or near the hospital where the child is a patient where such overnight stay is necessary for the treatment of the child.


The cost incurred in travelling (unlimited journeys) to and from any hospital in respect of:

  • The patient and accompanying parents/guardians and
  • Parents/guardians of the patient
  • Where such trips are shown to be essential to the treatment of the child. If a private car is used, €0.36 per mile/€0.23 per km may be allowed for the year 2006.


Hygiene products and special clothing

The cost incurred in respect of these items subject to a maximum of €500 per year.