Thank you for signing up to the Jack and Jill Little Ones Appeal!
Your contribution means that very sick babies and their families in all over Ireland will continue to get the care and support that they need.


The Little Ones Scheme is very simple to operate and administer:

REGISTER – when you register you will be listed on the Little Ones Appeal website as a participant.
To register simply send an email to (or call 045 894538) with the details of your establishment:

  • Restaurant Name
  • Managers Name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Website
  • Facebook/Twitter

You can also send the details by fax on 045 894558.


RECEIVE THE LITTLE ONES PACK – you will then receive a pack from Jack and Jill with place cards for the tables, bill inserters and some information on Jack and Jill.


OPERATION – you will need to set up an PLU number to your till calling it ‘The Little Ones Appeal’ and this will appear at the bottom of the bill after VAT and service charges have been applied. Whilst the charge is added automatically, it is a voluntary donation and can be simply removed from the bill if the customer so requests


AWARENESS – by having staff informed, customers can be aware of the campaign and not get blind-sighted when they receive their bill. Also by having the place cards out on tables, or by having a brief explanation on your menu, occasional posts on social media about being involved in the Little Ones Appeal will generate awareness that your restaurant is participating in this great campaign.


RECORDS – using your electronic till, it is easy to keep record of the total Little Ones Appeal donations received each day, week or month, depending on your accounting practice. For simplicity of administration, we would ask you to forward the money raised in two payments, one at the end of each month, by cheque.