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Kelly, Alan, Sam & Jenna

The last three years have been bearable only because of Jack & Jill. The knowledge that at the end of a particularly difficult day, a nurse was coming to give us a night’s sleep sometimes was the only thing that stopped me going insane which obviously benefited all of the family. Those forty hours of respite every month were precious.

Jenna has come on so much over the years. It has been a long and difficult road and there is a lot more to achieve. Jenna’s biggest enemy is her health. She puts in huge effort to overcome her physical disabilities and strives to communicate with us and loves to learn. But poor Jenna has no control over her seizures, her extremely sensitive tummy or the discomfort associated with her dislocated hip. For every one advancement, she is knocked back ten. Jenna however is a fighter and it would be unfair of me to suggest she has reached her potential. I believe the best is yet to come.

Our life as a family has come to resemble the norm at times and this was hugely important for us. While behind the scenes, things still require a huge effort, now and again we venture out to social occasions and the trauma of the early days has all but disappeared.

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