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Padraig, Rose & Thomas O’Sullivan

In December 2003 we were told our perfect child, Thomas, was now severely disabled, this was a crushing blow to say the least. To find out there are only very limited services available once you leave the safety of the hospital was terrifying.

Your compassion and advice will always be remembered. Without you, we don’t know how we would have coped at the time. Services from the Southern Health Board were slim to none and the realization that one has to fight for nursing hours or even the likes of nasal gastric tubes and paper, which were life depending, goes beyond belief. If we had not been given the nursing hours from you, our situation and mental state would have been a far cry to what it is now. Thank you.

From his original diagnosis, Thomas is a living miracle. The medical profession involved with his care are completely at a loss as to how well he has progressed. It is is wonderful feeling to be able to prove them wrong. It goes without saying that without the Jack & Jill Foundation they could have been proven right.

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