Information for Families

Frequently Asked Questions

• What do I do if my child is unwell?

Contact your general practitioner (GP) and arrange an appointment to go see them. If the GP is not available or it is out of hours take your child to the nearest hospital

• How do I access nappies for my child when they are three?

Contact your public health nurse (PHN) who will inform you of the contact person you need get in touch with in your area to access nappies for your child. This process is carried out by the liaison person carrying out an incontinence assessment on your child.

• Where can I meet other families?

The Jack & Jill Liaison Nurse will endeavour to introduce you to other parents in similar situations or to meet other families at our family day.

• If travelling abroad are there any services available for advice?

Ryan Air has a special needs information desk contact number 012480858, opened Monday to Friday only 9.00am to 17.55pm.
Aer Lingus have a special needs assistance website contact number 0818365011 opened 09.00-17.00 Monday to Friday and 10.00-16.00 Sat-Sun and bank holidays.

• If oxygen is required when flying who do I contact?

Contact air products at 01-8326184 or the company that supplies your oxygen at home for you, they will arrange for it to be on board when flying.

• If I need oxygen when away on holidays?

Contact oxygen worldwide at 0034966882873, these are based in Spain. The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) for Europe should cover your oxygen while on holidays and if not you need to contact your local HSE office to ask about covering this expense.

• What if I need feeds when travelling abroad?

Contact Enteral Feed supplier who will ship feed to your destination, free of charge.

• How do I manage to support my child while taking off and landing?

There is a harness called the crelling harness recommended by Aer Lingus and Ryan Air, contact their special needs assistance website to ask for advice the harness.

• If I need help with my child when at the airport who do I contact?

There is a service called OCS contact number o1 8145906(08.00- 16.00) OCS customer service duty officer contact 353 87 7602477 (24hrs). They offer help free of charge through security and on to the plane. Contact them 48hrs before departure.

• Who can I contact regards car parking at the airport?

Contact OCS and they can assist with a disabled parking near the terminal at a reduced rate, you will need to have your disabled parking disc number when booking the parking space. Contact OCS at 01- 8145906.