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The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation provides home respite for children up to four years of age who suffer from severe developmental delay and associated problems. The Foundation provides direct funding to parents enabling them to purchase care. We fund a maximum of 64 hours of home nursing per calendar month, per family and we cover all 26 counties.

Our home nursing service has made a significant difference in the lives of many families coping on a daily basis with the needs of their sick child. While the love and care parents give to their sick child is unconditional, it can also be exhausting in the extreme.


Any registered nurse with experience in caring for medically fragile children and who has a special interest in caring for a sick child at home can contact us. Please check the Families Currently Seeking Home Support page to check if there is a family in need of support in your area. We ask that nurses interested in home care are currently registered with An Board Altranais and strongly advise that nurses are a member of a nursing union.

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