For Jack & Jill


John O’Sullivan raising the flag at the ‘Up The Hill for Jack & Jill’ in Kenmare

How it all started?

The idea for this local and national fundraising campaign came from John O’Sullivan’s annual fundraiser in Kenmare for Jack & Jill which is now going 8 years. John’s son Sean was in receipt of support from Jack & Jill, post a fall down the stairs which led to brain bleed.

John’s event is a Big Fun 10k event while your UP THE HILL is a little bit different; it can be as small or big as you wish! The goal for us is to get as many as possible involved in this yearly initiative.


Defining that hill is completely up to yourself! It can be a big hill, a small hill, a quiz night, a head shave, a treadmill, an emotional hill or even an imaginary hill; you can do it with a group of friends, a buddy or on your own. The emphasis is on getting as many people as possible going up THAT hill while helping Jack & Jill families: every ‘up the hill’ represents one hour of home nursing care for a child with a life limiting or life threatening condition.
The Up The Hill for Jack & Jill is not only about the €16 donated to The Foundation but it is also about yourself, your local community and, very important, about having a bit of fun.
That donation is a gift of time which makes a big difference to a local family who use it to take a break to sleep, to shop, to work, or to go for a walk up or down a hill themselves.

…few #upthehill ideas!

What's Your Hill?

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