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Hugo Jellett, who is taking over from Jonathan Irwin as CEO of the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation in January 2017, has put a call out for artists to log on and register for Jack & Jill’s ‘Incognito’ arts project – – over the holiday period.  By so doing, the artists are committing to create a postcard-size piece of art, or two, by the 1st February deadline, to raise funds for the children’s charity. 

A 2017 large-scale public art initiative

The plan is that 1500 postcard-size works of art will be exhibited at the Solomon Gallery in Dublin in April 2016, for sale for just €50 each (following a public viewing online). The artists’ names, some very well-known, will remain incognito until the card is purchased and the artist’s signature is revealed on the back of the card. The mission is for artists – including the talents of Thomas Ryan, Martin Gale, Robert Ryan, Jonathan Yeo, Desmond Morris and Peter Curling who have already committed – to paint, draw, collage or photograph on a small card (provided to their home or studio). Participants are being asked to submit their donated pieces by 1st February 2017 in preparation for the exhibition.
It is hoped that this visual arts initiative will raise €75,000 for Jack & Jill, which will be used to fund home nursing-care for children with severe development delay as a result of brain damage, children who may never paint a picture themselves, but precious children who do better at home, where they are well cared for by their parents with critical support from Jack & Jill nurses. 

We do appreciate that artists are pestered for help by charities all the time, but, like anyone in any walk of life who wishes to offer a helping hand, the option is there and we’ve made it as easy as possible to get involved.  Many artists are looking for good platforms to exhibit their talent, and this certainly offers an opportunity for their work to be seen by many. All we need for now is for artists to take the plunge with us, to create something over the Christmas holidays, and take part in one of the largest showcases of art in recent years in Ireland. For our part, Jack & Jill can guarantee that all funds raised will be put to very effective use in home nursing care for sick children nationwide.” – Hugo Jellett, Incoming CEO at Jack & Jill

This Incognito arts fundraiser is a slight departure for Jack & Jill from its previous arts initiatives of three dimensional cows, eggs, pigs and hares over the years.  We are hoping that the simplicity and speed of this approach will appeal to a wide base of artists and the anticipation and gamble of revealing the artist post-purchase means that all buyers will get to make an affordable purchase of something they like, and some buyers might just pick up something very valuable for €50. 
Details are available now on and people can contact the project manager Lucinda Hall on [email protected] to find out more.