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Following the success of the 2008 album, “Under the Stars” by Dublin’s Sunflow, Philly-born and long-term-Ireland-based Nancy Falkow, who honed her trade touring the US and sharing stages with Daniel Lanois, Patty Griffin, Donovan and Sarah McLachlan to name a few, has emerged from the hibernation of early motherhood with a new delivery: ‘What I’m Doing Right’.
The song sees Falkow reunited with Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist Duncan Maitland  to create this soulfully sweet track. “For the past few years I’ve focused more on being a Mom than a performing musician, but I never stopped writing songs,” explained Falkow. Since the song is written for and inspired by her young  daughter and draws on her experience of parenthood, Falkow decided to give the initial download proceeds to The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation, hooray!!
The single is available for download at and at your friendly local digital distribution outlets (including Itunes and Amazon MP3). The price is set at a minimum of $1, but this site allows the buyer to name their price and pay what they’d like.
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