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Dear Friend
I think it is very important to talk as openly as we can about the article in the Sunday Times today with regard to Mr. Bebbington’s court case against Jack & Jill, and the purpose of my letter is to provide as much context and reassurance as I can, without jeopardizing the legal process underway.
I want to stress that at all times we have handled our dealings with Mr. Bebbington with integrity.
A fact that was unfortunately omitted from the Sunday Times article is that Jack & Jill has reported all activities relating to Mr. Bebbington and his companies to the appropriate authorities, including the Gardai.
You will remember from our statement in January 2013 that Mr. Bebbington through Folamh was a supplier of services to Jack & Jill through the recycling of old mobile phones, which accounted for 7% of the €37 million we had raised up to Mr. Bebbington’s disappearance and Folamh’s liquidation.
Jack & Jill entered into a relationship with Mr. Bebbington and his company for projects outside of Ireland back in 2010. This agreement was drafted by a mutually agreed firm of solicitors. A variation to these original agreements was put in place in August 2012 after a lengthy period of discussion with Mr. Bebbington. These changes related to the control of the New Zealand company as well as Mr. Bebbington providing security for the money he agreed that he owed Jack & Jill. It also dealt with the correction of the ownership of the shareholding in the New Zealand company which Mr. Bebbington had incorrectly registered in his own name. All of these agreements considerably pre-dated his disappearance in October 2012 and the claims he makes about what occurred after this.
We are still trying to work out the amount of money that the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation is due which is in the region of €300,000 and counting. Despite this hole in revenue, Jack & Jill finished 2012 and 2013 in healthy shape financially and, with your help and support, we continue to work hard for every €16 raised which funds 1 hour of vital home nursing care.
Once again, we want to thank the general public for their continued support of the Jack & Jill Foundation and the severely disabled children under our nationwide homecare programme, as well as the children receiving end of life care for whatever little time they have. Of course I am saddened and frustrated by the legal battle ahead, but these are the little people who keep me going.
At time of writing this, I am attending my grand-daughter’s Christening in the UK but I will continue to monitor the situation closely. I am contactable by phone and our patron Eddie Hobbs has kindly stepped in to handle media enquiries in my absence.
Yours sincerely
Jonathan Irwin