Collection Day at Eurolink Toll Bridges M3 (Clonee – Kells) and M4 (Kilcock – Enfield – Kinnegad) this Friday 9th December for the Jack & Jill

The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation is asking drivers to support our friends at Eurolink Toll Bridges on the M3 (Clonee – Kells) and the M4 (Kilcock – Enfield – Kinnegad) who are doing a very special Collection Day for Jack & Jill next Friday 9th December for the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation to raise funds for home nursing care hours for sick children locally and nationally and to mark the 20th Anniversary of Jack & Jill.

Yes, the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation is revving up for its 20th anniversary in 2017 and this Collection Day is part of our Christmas Appeal.

The charity has travelled a long road with our families, nurses and supporters, supporting 2,078 sick children nationwide, by providing and funding home nursing support and respite to families in every community in Ireland, including 501 children in Dublin; 114 children in Kildare, 82 children in Meath and 48 children in Westmeath.

So if you or your friends are travelling on the M3 (Clonee – Kells) or the M4 (Kilcock – Enfield – Kinnegad) please consider donating and look out for the collectors and the balloons!

“Caring for a sick child at home is no easy path but the Jack & Jill home nursing care service is a practical one that really supports families and we’ve got nurses on the road in every community in Ireland. Our families tell us that things get a little easier knowing that they don’t walk alone. On their behalf and the 289 children currently under our wing, I want to thank Eurolink for joining our Jack & Jill Christmas Appeal. This Collection Day on the M3 and M4 is a timely fundraising initiative coinciding with Jack Irwin’s anniversary, as he passed away on 13th December 1997. He’s the little boy with the big legacy whose homecare plan, cobbled together by his Mum (Mary Ann O’Brien) and Dad (Jonathan Irwin) with the help of some wonderful nurses and neighbours in Kildare, became the blueprint for so many more children and their families. We believe that there’s no place like home, especially for a sick children. Thank you one and all, and please do join us in applauding Eurolink for this collection, with every 16 euro collected funding 1 hour of home nursing care.” – Hugo Jellett incoming CEO Jack & Jill

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